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Traverse City Assisted Stretching

Traverse City Assisted Stretching

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This session is a deep and extensive full body stretch that focuses on all major muscle groups and extremities. It’s great for improving your range of motion and flexibility, while also loosening tight muscles and easing stiff joints.

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During a group stretch, our Strectchologist will assist and guide you through a series of seated and standing stretches as well as how to work with stretching tools like stretch straps and foam rollers. It doesn’t matter what your flexibility level is – anyone looking to kickstart their flexibility journey is welcomed!

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Jessica Wier

“I started my physical therapy program with Ben and Sarah a couple of months ago, I suffer from cervical degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and bone spurs. I was in immense pain for about 10 years and could no longer stand the pain. I could not bike ride, or do simple daily activities without a certain level of pain. Sarah and Ben improved my flexibility, mobility, and strength. I no longer feel the pain I did prior to physical therapy, they have given me the tools to apply to my daily routine and exercises that help me improve daily. I would highly recommend Superior Therapy to anyone and many thanks to Sarah and Ben!!”

Brittany Lautner

“My experience here has been amazing! I have suffered from migraines and headaches for years and for the first time in months, I have gone weeks without taking medication! I have also experienced lower back pain for the past four years. Not being able to lift laundry or even my own young children. With the help of Drew, Aaron, and Noah I can now do all of that and more! They were so unbelievably helpful. I am so thankful for their patience and at home stretching ideas! Thank you so much guys for fixing me!”

Ed Rooney

“Having dealt with back problems for many years, I am no stranger to physical therapy, yet what I encountered at Superior was unique in my experience. Scheduling was easy, and many of the exercises were tailored to my situation rather than simply going through “standard” procedures. Above and beyond just focusing on the problem at hand, what I learned will help me keep my back on the “straight and narrow”, so to speak. The entire staff was great to work with, but a special shout out to Ben and Brooke(with a tip of the hat to Adam).”

Mike Acton

“I was very stiff and not flexible in my mid-back and hips. I feel normal and flexible again. Very happy with the treatment. I truly believe in applied functional science for physical therapy. Can’t thank you enough Alex!”


“I came into Superior after having my knee surgically repaired after a football injury. I could barely bend my knee and the only activity I was doing was walking. Superior helped bring my knee back into shape and now I can do any activity I want. Therapy helped me be able to gain strength and trust back into my knee. I have experienced a 180-degree turn around from where I was in November to where I am in May today. Keith and the entire staff made the process very personal and I could not be where I am today without them.”


StretchMe provides one-on-one, customized assisted stretching sessions. The stretches are given on our custom designed benches by Stretchologists who will customize your stretch to your needs and talk you through your stretches. Our Stretchologists employ a “push & release” type of stretching (technically “proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching”, or PNF) where you will be resisting a bit at times during the stretch and then releasing, resulting in a more effective stretch.

This varies, but it is really up to you and your Flexologist. Based on your assessment, your Flexologist will work with you and recommend a stretch plan for you.

Just like any activity, consistency is key. We offer memberships to get stretched once or twice a week. Your Flexologist will talk to you about the best option for your needs.

Our Flexologists have a variety of backgrounds and are all certified and/or licensed in various bodyworking fields. We have massage therapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, chiropractors, assistant physical therapists and more! They all complete an extensive training program that teaches them proper stretching techniques and how to work with clients of all body sizes and flexibility levels.

Don’t be. You will feel tension during your stretch, but not pain. Your Flexologist will be constantly checking in with you on your comfort level and will adjust the stretch to your comfort. As the stretches are given your Flexologist will ask you where you are on an intensity scale (your own scale) of 1-10. We shoot for about a 7 on most stretches; if it approaches being too intense, just tell the Flexologist that you are closing in on or at your limit. Some people like a more vigorous stretch, others less so; the stretch is in your control.

We prefer to not stretch anyone who is suffering from any sort of acute injury. You should definitely see a doctor or physical therapist and get clearance from them PRIOR to coming to StretchLab. We are NOT physical therapists. If, however, you suffer from chronic pain, discomfort or tightness, getting an assisted stretch is okay—as long as your doctor or physical therapist approves.

We take walk-ins and appointments. We recommend appointments, however, to guarantee a spot and the Flexologist of your choice.

You can wear whatever you will feel comfortable getting stretched in. People wear workout clothes, gym shorts, yoga gear, loose fitting shorts, T-shirts.

We do not offer services in private rooms. But you can certainly request a bench toward the back if you prefer.

There is no strict age limit. We welcome clients of all ages! However, a parent or guardian will have to sign our waiver for anyone under 18.